B like Beauty… True Beauty is a Reflection of Your Soul

True Beauty is a Reflection of Your Soul – Michel Quoist

There is no formal definition of what it means to be a Beautiful Woman, however every day we hear the same clichés, repeated by the media, that “the real beauty of a woman is inside” and is not based on superficiality.

Wife, Mother, Girl, Daughter, Boss … .. she is an inseparable element of life on Earth. She is a human. She has the same worries as the others. Sometimes she struggles with overwhelming problems and cannot bear their burden. She never gives up. She is constantly trying. She is not complaining. She is a woman.  She has a beautiful soul.  She is beautiful. Like a motor drives the next fate of this world. Her smile causes that the environment changes colors, and life for her loved ones gains sense and pace. For her loved ones !!! – well said. Silently she carries a load of worries and troubles.

She is internally beautiful and believes that someday she will be better and will find time for herself. Maybe if the children get older, when she paid the mortgage, when she will find a good job …. In the future…. Not now.


And sometimes she has got a dream – the most beautiful she can dream of. She sees in them a world that is diametrically different from her dull life. She feels fulfilled, appreciated, attractive, rested, loved, admired, independent, neat… just beautiful!

Right Now!!!!!

Why someday? Why not today! Our world is not perfect. Our Family is not perfect. Why then should I be an ideal woman? Stop. Stand for a moment in the middle of the street and look at other women. What you see? Look more closely. Perhaps you will be able to see women completely lost, snail-enclosed shells and those spouting with life, smiling, neat and beautiful.

Where do you see yourself? Do you have time for yourself in this crazy world? When last time you find a time for the hairdresser? When did you have a decent makeup? When did you gush with humour and joy? When did you feel like a truly beautiful woman? The fact that you are good, understanding and helpful… yes, everyone knows about it. Or maybe they do not know, because they’ve got used to it and they do not even notice it anymore. Therefore, open the window wide, take a few deep breaths and see how the world that passes so quickly is beautiful. Man’s life in the face of eternity is just a fleeting moment, a short flash. Therefore, in addition to living for others, do not forget to live for yourself.

I Want To Be Beautiful!

The beauty of a woman can means something totally different for each of us. It cannot be measured and there is no precise definition. A woman is beautiful when she feels good with herself. Not everyone is a model and has “legs to the ground”. Not everyone has wonderful curls and beautiful breasts, but each of us can be attractive and beautiful. Beautiful women are those who are convinced of their own worth.

Appropriate makeup, hairstyle and clothes always add confidence. These three basic factors work wonders together. They help to discover external beauty, and thus enrich the inner beauty.

A confident woman is a successful, attractive and fulfilled woman. From a happy and confident woman, she radiates an inner glow and brings out her inner beauty.

How They See You, That’s How They Perceive You!

It is our external beauty (ie clothing, make-up, hairstyle) that is responsible for the first impression and shapes our image in personal and business contacts. You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression. On the second place are our gestures and movements, and on the third place words and what we would like to present and say.

Is it worth investing in your external attractiveness? A hundred times YES. This external beauty, extracted and uncovered, gives us confidence and allows us to feel a beautiful and fulfilled woman in all areas of our lives.Even today, please hug your husband, children, dog or cat and say: I love you very much, but you must allow me to save time only for myself. For relaxation, sports, social gatherings, cool book, rest, a long and undisturbed bath, the time for a hairdresser, make-up artist, beautician or stylist.The world will seem more beautiful to you, because you will be beautiful.

 Share your thoughts with me. Do you think that an attractive and well-groomed look adds confidence?


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