B like Big Day… July 29 – NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAY

“A woman who comes out of the house without lipstick on her lips feels naked” – Max Factor

Lipstick – a synonym of beauty, splendour, self-confidence. But has it always been like that? Unfortunately not. Ancient women were painting lips as art in the fullest sense of this word. They emphasized the lips with various vegetable fats, most often in the colors of carmine and violet.

The real specialists in this field were the Egyptian Women. In the 16th century, lips painting was reserved for well-born and rich ladies. The lipstick was used by the Queen of England Elizabeth I. She created a positive image of an elegant woman. Lipstick, (if these substances made of vegetable fats and wax, you could already call lipstick) became a symbol of wealth.

The 18th century brings great changes. The British Parliament adopted a document in 1770 that would allow prosecuting and punishing women who painted their lips. Witches( as this is how they called women with painted lips) were afraid to show in public with lipstick on their lips.

In the 19th century, people created a silent cinema.  Actresses want and must look beautiful. Chemists are looking for solutions to improve the beauty of women’s lips. The breakthrough takes place in 1883. At the World Exhibition of Cosmetics, the Paris perfumery exhibits its product in Amsterdam, a colored stick wrapped in silver paper. This new lipstick carries the nave “Crayon of Love” or “Lip Paint”.

Helena Rubinstein – “a woman who created beauty”, teaches a Parisian Artistry of make-up. Red lips are not intended for the light complexion of the face – she explains. Such a set is considered regrettable.

Only the most liberated women are not afraid to use red. Queen Victoria considers lipstick as a dissoluble toy.

At the beginning of the 20th century, lipstick attracts women more and more.

Some of them are not longer afraid to leave the house with painted lips. The product subject to continual improvement. In 1915, Marice Levy binds a waxy lipstick to a metal sleeve with a thread. Lipstick becomes a hit on the cosmetics market (In the slightly improved version, it still exists today).

In 1912, lipstick becomes a symbol of women fighting for their rights. The slogan of the suffragette march (in America on May 6, 1912) was saying that  “Every woman has the right to be beautiful”

In the 1820s, lipstick goes to all salons. In 1930, Max Factor launches a lip gloss. All Women around the world are crazy about lipstick and lip gloss. Adolf Hitler was a great opponent of using lipstick at that time. No woman around him could paint lips.A breakthrough in the production of lipstick took place in 1950. American woman Hazel Bishop – a chemist – created a waterproof lipstick, which was not blotchy on the lips.

The following years bring significant changes; different blends of colors, styles, ingredients, pigments. Lip gloss, nourishing, moisturizing, scented and perfumed lipsticks are created. In the 1960s, the lipstick goes to working women. America, and then the whole of Europe is overcome by consumption fever. Lipstick becomes a product available to everyone.

Today, in every woman’s purse you will find a lipstick. What’s your favourite colour?